Water Mist
Water based fire suppression systems mainly Water Mist is based on high pressure piping. Pyplok® is an excellent solution for this application since it is clean so the problem of nozzle clogging does not exist since it is a Non-Weld connection.
Pyplok® has special distribution manifolds fittings specifically designed for water mist systems.
Pyplok® being an approved pipe fitting has been used in water mist systems for City Halls, Museums, Genetic Labs, Libraries, heritage buildings, Motorway Tunnels, Underground Depot, Yachts, Cruise lines and many more.
Some of the Water Mist Systems where Pyplok® were used are:
MRT/Metro/Subway/Motorway Tunnels
Transport is a key indicator of economic growth, planning and achievement of Development Goals. There are lot of development for aiding effective transport systems like building of underground tunnels, Metro/Subway/MRT/Motorway Tunnel and a lot more. But with development comes other factors that need to be taken care of like safety, electricity, provisions etc. Fire Safety is a major concern in closed environment transports like Tunnels, Underground MRT/Metro/Subway. Pyplok® fittings are widely used in Fire Suppression Systems for the above cases.

Some of our applications in Transport are as follows:
Pyplok® is also used in deluge systems and has proved very useful in this type of application.
Pyplok® used in offshore deluge systems at Woodside Energy - Goodwyn A Platform, Northern Australia
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